Sunday, November 4, 2012

Girls weekend and the opening of Matkus

Waiting in the bus, it wasn´t easy even to get in one... We stood for one hour waiting for it to come while it rained...

 Candles, movies (Pearl Harbor was great!), mulled wine and Fazer's christmas chocolate with my sisters and Eveliina... :) The best!

It waved us from getting a flue while waiting for the bus... :)

A mini-picture of Matkus shopping center in Kuopio, BikBok's entry and Fintelligents performing! 

A sneek peek of my favourites... :)

 These... damn!

 Something you just can´t resist... Arnolds :)

This weekend has been more than great! Alli came over to me to calculate physics on Friday. It was fun to spend some time with her. I had to pick Eveliina and Evi from the bus station two times while she was at my home. We lightened up candles and watched My Little Pony- series and other cartoons from our childhood. Then we cooked a meal for us, drank some tea and went to the bed. 

We woke up before 10 am. and got ourselves ready. We got even our hair done but the rain ruined it all. :( We had to pick up Sabina from the train station, bring her bags to my place and catch a bus to the Matkus... Well it didn´t really get as planned but we managed to catch one after shivering one hour at the bus stop and one hour at Coffee House sipping coffees and thinking who the hell needs all these Sabbaths? They are just ruining the weekends because they are rarely during the working days. It was so nice to go to the BikBok, Skopunkten and Stadium. I found three pairs of shoes to the Evi & Eve  :D. I concentrated on shirts and Fintelligents... :) After spending a evening in Matkus we came back to my place, lightened up the candles again, made some mulled wine, made a dinner and started a movie marathon... Damn I really love them... :)

This day has been great too. We made some breakfast and spent some time together before I and Evi escort  Sabina and Evelina to the station. After that we went to the late brunch to my friend Anni. Before we even knew it, it was a time to escort Evi to the station too. :( I had to goof a little bit with her to see that cute and embarrassed smile on her face :D haha. Now I´m just putting some raspberry body lotion on my skin and getting myself prepared for tomorrow morning. I´m going to the gym again and then I have to study for my Nutrition exam... :) 

Laku noc :)

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