Tuesday, November 20, 2012

EUROTRIP 2012 - PART 4 - In Kozarac and Prijedor 2/2

Swimming with dolphins... :)

Sabina was so beautiful- I had to snap photos of her... :)

And it´s all set !



Sipping refreshements

H having a blast...

Kissing and playing with dolphins... while others were probably doing something more intelligent :)

Dancing with them too...

The old castle wall..


Medina and her boyfriend :)

Lazy time

Like a fish on the land... :)

Beautiful Lejla

Another day in paradise... - that´s the sentence that went through my mind when I woke up. I love sleeping in our house, in my own room, in that bed, hearing those familiar sounds from your childhood summers knowing that there is no rush anywhere and every day will be sunny and warm. We actually had ZERO rainy days during the whole month on our trip! After the long winter and the rainy "summer" in Finland... you can imagine how good it felt to feel the sun on the skin. Sun just cured all our skin problems, no more old scars nor rash. We didn't use any make up foundations then and H is not using them even now. 

We had a great pool party at Ajlen's and Aida's mini-cottage for their friends. We started it a bit too early with a smaller group of people. It was just so nice to swim, fool around, drink and sunbath. Guys played football and H had her own fun playing around with camera... :) It was such a good day and we felt really sad because we had to continue our journey the next morning even if our plans were totally different! You know... those over protective parents who just won´t let you stay in your own house without them... Like something would happen to us in our own house and with the same neighbors ans relatives around! And yes... we are 21, 20 and 18 years old... and used to living on our own :)

The next morning didn´t really end up like we planned... Parents saw a big black snake in our kitchen in the middle of the night, so they had to pack everything in just few hours, wake us up and give us a ride to the bus stop. They started their driving trip back to Finland... :) It was one strange morning we can tell... Mom woke E up, and let H and S sleeping in their rooms while snake was in the house... :D After an hour E noticed that we were still sleeping upstairs... :D ... H even thought that it was just some stupid joke mom and dad invented to get us up fast... :)  + They managed to loose the snake... so it can be waiting for us there the next summer again! Dead of course.


  1. Slike su prefantastične :O
    DAj mi reci koji aparat korisiš i čeime uređuješ slike (ako ih uopšte uređuješ) :)
    Predivno :)

    1. SONY alpha NEX-5R! :) Elvira ima jednu, a ja cu isto sada takvu sebi istu kupiti. Sabina ima neku od Panasonica :)

      A o slikama, inace nisacim. Ako telefonom uslikam onda sa Instagramom, a ako ne onda inace ili nista, ili adobe shotoshop cs4 ili toycamera analog :)