Thursday, November 8, 2012

A wish post: day with me

Waking up at 9 am, smiling and going through my text messages, e-mails and HS while still wrapped in my warm Panda sheets. Make attention to my broken screen... but it still works :)

A smiling apple-cinnamon oatmeal makes me smile too! I love funny hömpänpömppä-breakfasts! + An apple, a yoghurt and Gefilus Hera-dink to balance my stomach :)

Getting myself ready if I´m going out, today I did. :) Sometimes I like to put some make up on even if I´m just staying home. Especially when I have fever- it makes me feel much more healthier because I don´t have to see a sick person looking at me from the mirror.

Having an apple as a snack, watching TV and relaxing on the sofa

Going to the Fressi Gym to make a good start to this day. I just absolutely love it. There´s nothing better than a good day which starts with a run or the gym session.

A lunch time ! Chicken-feta cheese sallad straight from the bowl!

A relaxing and refreshing shower and pampering time... :) Scrubbing, putting on masks and lotions and smelling like a butterfly at a flower field. 

Studying, luckily the nutrition courses are the easy ones and fun :) It´s one of my minors.

Time for a second hot chocolate in the candle light... I love candles.

...and a good book (even if it has too much religious stuff in it) before going to sleep :) I like his book The Alchemist the most. The next book I´m going to reed will definitely be "The story of Little Bee", I just have to get it in my hands!

I´m really sorry that it took this long to make this post somebody asked maybe a decade ago... Here it is now, I can do posts like this more often I you like them. I´m really grateful to Evi because she left her camera to me for a week :) Too bad that I have to return it back to her this evening... :( I should really buy one for myself too. Trust me I have tried to do that but it´s really hard financially... Every time I gather up the money for a camera something more important comes up and I just have to say goodbye to my "baby- still to be". Some day, yep some day... Now I need a new laptop... I mean this one works ok but it gets blue screens now and then- that can´t happen when I start writing my Bachelor's thesis... :/ I calculated also that I have to start paying a TV license fee next year too :( Too bad because those 50 euros could also be food and I don´t even watch Yle... I love it how students can´t earn the amount of money they could be capable of because of the all limitations! Ok now scroll up and look at that oatmeal again- let's try to stay in a good mood despite of the problems students always have :)! That oatmeal was definitely not a problem... :) I bet it smiles even now in my stomach... :)

ps. don´t think that I eat only two times a day :) I´m a hungry girl... trust me.