Thursday, November 15, 2012


Herminica said I should make a post about some of my shopping I've done lately. Here are some of my favorites. That bag is form ASOS and I bought it as a bajram present for myself with the money I got from my parents. Also those necklaces were a gift. That golden elastic I got from Herminica and I just love it. I use it every time I wear my hair on a ponytail, so that would be almost every day:D. Honestly I'm kind of fed up with my bangs already and because I'm growing them out right now, it's just easier to put the rest of the hair on a ponytail and just style the bangs so that they fall slightly to the side. That wouldn't work if I would have my hair down. So I got that hairpiece in just the right time.  Those three shirts I bought two weeks ago I  guess? Anyway I bought them from Matkus when I visited Herminica in Kuopio. That coat I actually got yesterday. I ordered it from Mango like a month ago but there were some issues with the delivery and I guess I'll end up with a huge bill for the stowage of my packet. Anyway I'm not going to pay it, since it wasn't my fault they weren't able to deliver it to me and that it took so much time for them to contact me about it. And the last piece is an eye shadow pallet I ordered from Nelly. As you can probably see, some of the colors are shattered. There should be a sign on the package that it contains fragile contents and that maybe it's not such a good idea for the post man to just throw it through the letterbox but to ring the door bell first... Anyway I've fell in love that pallet and those colors. Everyday since I got it I've been planning to do a basic and neutral make up but when I open that pallet I just go crazy about the amount of pretty colors it contains. So I'll end up with a party look.... Luckily my bangs and glasses hide almost everything I have going on on my eye lids so I don't have to wash it all off during busy mornings. 

Today I had only one lecture and after that I've just been staying at home and doing stuff that I love and I normally don't have that much time for. So I've been kind of having a day off. I've watched some TV-shows from the internet, just lied on my bed and listened to music and basically not done anything that I should have:D. Now I'm thinking of having something to eat since I'm starving. By the way isn't it just weird how its dark outside already and its only 16.30 Pm? I feel like I should soon go to bed but the whole evening is still ahead. Damn you Finnish winter! 

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