Friday, November 9, 2012

three faced case

A new shirt from BikBok. :) 

The smallest one is still pregnant :) I got them from my cousin Elma as a souvenir from St. Petersburg. Now they are keeping me a company in my kitchen.

Having a blast at my Swedish lessions with my friend. 

Who´s the black sheep this time? 

Love signals in the show.

When I go through my photos I can see three different facial expressions: "puppy", "diva" and a "girl next door". It´s actually funny to notice all the manners I have through this blog... 

I came just from Bodybalance class. I had made a reservation to the class so I couldn't stay in bed this morning. I was at Bodypump class on yesterday morning too, so that´s why my muscles were totally sore and it was a true battle to even get up not to mention all the stretching we did... I felt like an 80 years old. One thing that really surprised me was my speed!!! Damn, I manage to walk to the grocery store from the gym and back home in 36 minutes, wash my hair in 10minutes!!!!!! (what the fuck dude! Normally this takes at least 20minutes...) and then even do my hair in another 10minutes... I just straightened it with my brush and a hair dryer! Wicked! I think that I just found myself a good way of doing my hair after going to the gym if I´m heading to the school/work after it! :) I´m going to the gym to do a workout with Sanni this evening again in Mikkeli's Fressi gym. It's so fun to see her again, I´ve already missed her so much!

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