Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Blue and white stripes

My feet... I can´t stand anymore. I have walked for 6km's today and stood for 6 hours at work. Tomorrow is not going to be any brighter... At least I had time to do my workout at the gym (Abs30 at Fressi) so I´m not feeling that lazy... (hmmph can I even say lazy when I haven´t even had time to sit down?) I don´t even know why should we even think like this: If you are not doing anything important like going to school, work or gym you absolutely get a stamp on your but that says LAZY. I mean... why shouldn´t we be allowed to sit, reed books, sleep and do "artsy" things like paint or go out without any responsibilities? Why do the activities like those have such a "bad" stigma on them? I have tried to come out of that box and think that those things are maybe not important for the society but they are important for my wellbeing. I think that I am allowed to enjoy the life, every one of us has deserved that same right. I try to get time for myself every day- a moment when I don´t have to do anything but instead I CAN do whatever I want.

I really can´t wait for a weekend to come. I have to study for my nutrition exam (6 op) that´s on Tuesday and my sisters and Eveliina are coming to visit me! :) I´m really excited about it! I still have to plan something for us to do... :) Masku (the shopping center) would be a nice place to go but... I think it´s better not to spend any more money now! Hmmph... I wan´t to go to the gym again now! Too bad that it´s closed now :D   ...Or maybe it´s only a good thing because I should be sleeping now.

Laku Noć :) This girl has to brush her teeth now :)

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