Friday, September 7, 2012


I´m totally exhausted now and I still have plenty of things to do. I couldn't sleep last night so it was really difficult to get up. My legs were really sore because of standing, traveling almost one and a half month, walking every day at least 15 km´s and the most of it was uphill or up the stairs, packing, carrying the 40kg´s on my back... My head was a big mess too. I wasn´t really that cheery nor I understood that I really had to do something... You know those moments when you haven´t really woke up yet totally? I´m really used to them, usually I talk much about weird stuff when having those blurry-everything is possible-moments. Yep I ate a breakfast, put a little make up on (yes this is the first summer I haven´t used make up foundations or powders and my skin isn´t even in that bad condition... I´m waiting for a winter and my skin problems with joy... fuck that.) and then I had to go to my pharmacology and toxicology lecture. It was really fun and I was surprised that I wasn´t sleepy. After that I had to walk back home, grab a wallet and head to the grocery store, eat a lunch and go to a work for the next 9 hours. Even that passed quickly! :D It was so nice to be there again (even that this kiosk was the first I´ve worked in Kuopio and the Toto machine was an old grumpy ass I didn´t know how to use). After all that I still had energy left to do myself a meal and then... clean ! :D Yep, the only thing that is left to do is getting my stuff back there from Mikkeli (I´m in Mikkeli now) and pack everything... :) A least I have an apple pie I just made to keep me feeling like a happy chipmonkey ;)!


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