Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Finally - Evis' first post!

It's been a while since Herminica posted about me and her blogging together from now on, so I figured it would be a time for me to make my first post. Or actually that time passed long time ago but I've been busy:D.

My school started two and a half weeks ago so I've been pretty much just fighting against laziness during mornings and lectures with bad results. Even today my school started at 8 Am and I woke up at nine. Not so good start for this day. At least it hasn't been raining today. Nice to find some comfort in these cold and gray days. I felt so so tired after sitting on lectures for six hours that on my way home I went and bought a big bag of candy for myself. I already opened it even though I don't think it was very smart move, since I'm heading to the gym in two hours.

I cut myself bangs last Friday! I just love them and even though I have naturally curly hair, the bangs have been able to stay straight despite the rain. I guess all the thanks goes to my new straightening serum by Goldweld. It's not the cheapest hair product I have but it is definitely worth the price.

Have a happy Tuesday everyone!

PS. Herkku: why are you still looking so tanned? Share your secret, thank you!

- Evi