Sunday, September 23, 2012

Money money bling bling... nope there is no shingaling.

Instacam is my good friend during the days. It´s the same app as Instagram but in windows phones the name is instacam. I don't own a good camera so I think it's the same if I just take the photos with my phone. I have planned to get myself a good camera but somehow all of my salary just disappears... :D I even have to buy myself a new laptop/Ipad, fix the bike and the screen of my lumia, buy new rubber boots etc... so my salary is never enough. :D Damn. How the hell some people do not need the money every single month? I mean I couldn´t even pay my rent without my jobs nor get myself healty food. I just won´t eat the typical "student food", we should rename it to Student crap. It does not belong to mouth. Period.

I have to go to take a shower now, my hair feels bad even if it looks ok. I have to go to a hairdresser too... Too bad that only a cut costs about 40 euros. I have dentist and doc appointements to come too so... :D Yes I already know where my salary is about to go this time... :( Not so nice.


  1. great photos, you're beautiful :)

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