Friday, September 14, 2012

Coffee is dangerous

Good morning guys, I´ve had so much fun past few days. I was planning on posting this yesterday but my laptop didn´t agree with me on that. Luckily my dad managed to get this shitty thing back to alive. I went running for 4 kilometres the day before yesterday and yesterday I made a 10 kilometres fast walk and now I´m doing the things for my courses and work :) Tomorrow I will be at Kuopio's Anttila presenting Herbina. Hermina is presenting Herbina...  it makes me laugh... :D Come and say hello if you are around! :)

You see my upper front teeth? I´ve noticed that one of them has moved during this year. I think it has something to do with the fact that my wisdom teeth are growing... Maybe I should get them out before I look like a dracula :[ ... :) And the other thing... look at my wrist... Be careful when making coffee at work... It really hurts now... But luckily I have Melem and Bepanthen to take care of that burn. Luckily it´s just a first-degree burn and not worse. Pheew!


  1. Mullakin on alkanut todennäkösesti viisaudenhampaiden takia alkaa toinen etuhammas liikkumaan, ei kiva... Kasvais ne nyt ni sais ne pois leikattua :(

  2. Nojoo :( mulla kans liikkuu ja noi kaks kunnolla jo kavunnu ton yhen yläetuhampaan päälle :S onneks on ylhäältä jo vasen viisari veks! Pitäis kyl noi muutki kolme repiä irti mahd. pian... onneks se ei ees sattunu! :) joten tsemppiä sullekkin viisari-reissuille kunhan vaan sellaselle pääsisit! :D toivotaan että pian!

  3. I just have to say it:D You are beautiful!!