Friday, September 28, 2012

Happy is the only word I can hear

Hello guys,  I´ve had a such a nice week and I don´t want this feeling to go away. If I could use only one word to describe this it would be happiness- that´s the one I´d choose. It´s just about everything good that has been accumulating during this past year and especially - this summer. Looking through the photos brings up all the good and bad memories from our trip and it really helps me if I´m going through the ruff times. Even the bad ones (we will post about it soon) can cheer me up. Why? Because they remind me of that feeling I had back then and when I compare it with the present one.. It really is just a piece of cake ! So I get a grip of myself and start SMILING... and suddenly I can´t stop... :) I won´t accept the bad days. Why should I when this life is given to us to enjoy it- not to be sad or angry all the time. It would just be a big waste of time! I rather welcome the dopamins and endorfins than the tears to my company.

Yesterday I went on 60 minutes run with Minna. Our goal was to keep our heart rate at 150bpm this time. It improves oxygen intake in muscle and burns fat the most effectively. After that we made us healthy smoothies, took a shower, drank organic detox tea and watched one episode of Finnish BB... Really... Why is it that boring to watch? I woke up today at 10am and decided to make another run like yesterday. It was such a nice way to start my day! After all that I even found my driving licence that had been lost and I managed to make myself a good and a healty meal. After that I packed the laundry and my stuff because of my visit to Mikkeli. I even had some spare time so I decided to hang this curtain up to kitchen and blow some soap bubbles for the sake of this beautiful weather<3>

A real and tasty protein bom ! Learned from the best!

Now I´m eating a chicken sallad with dark hot chocolate <3>

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  1. Nice pictures, and you are gorgeous! :)
    Kisses ♥