Tuesday, September 18, 2012

curly day

Here I am, totally exhausted. Work is always fun but if you spend there 9 hours in a row without any real breaks... it will take to you. I was planning to go running after work and visiting the post office, but my stomach started to hurt. It´s not normal yet, but I will try to do a little workout  + streches on my own indoors. I have been running three times last week, and it just feels great to be able to run again. My knees are much better now (even if it started hurting again during the August). Minna is coming here this evening too, or then I will go to her side. Can´t wait to talk about stuff again :) I have to go to pharmacology and toxicology lectures tomorrow morning, meet my counselor + go to 9 hours work shift again. At least I will get payed next month and I won´t be this poor like I am now!

Last week :
Mon: 2km walk + indoor workout for 30min + streches
Tue: 2km walk
Wed: 2km walk + 3km run + streches
Thu: 9km walk on hills + streches
Fri: (spaghetti day...)
Sat: 2km walk + streches
Sun: 1km walk + 30min run + streches


  1. u r back into updating ur blog more often yayy :D
    like this post keep it up and hope ur stomach gets better :D
    Have fun in pharmacology :D

    1. Yayyy ! :D I´m having a blast in here ! hahaha :--D