Thursday, September 20, 2012

Teenyweeny hello

Here I'm - smiling. I'm so happy because of the sun. I feel even better when it's able to combine the sun, hot chocolate and a nice fresh air. Even if I went to school everything feels just great. You know how those good mornings work? You wake up earlier than you normally do but you are not tired at all. You don't have to hurry anywhere and you manage to get to the grocery store at the same time with grannies and granpas, but because you move faster than they you still manage to get everything fresh for the breakfast. :) yep I love that feeling... :D I have to study pharmacology and toxicology today. Not the whole day today, because Alli is coming here this evening :)


  1. Ootpa kaunis :) Minkä ikäinen oot?

    1. Kiitos :) Minä oon 21 ja sisko on 20 :)