Friday, September 21, 2012

Flowers all over me

Good morning from me! My hamstrings and gluteus maximus  x2 are not having this great morning as I am. Thanks to my workout yesterday they are singing hallelujah every time I try to stand up or take a step. Great because I´m loving this amount of lactic acid in my muscles... Fresh orange and massage should make a trick soon so that the lactic acid gets back to my livery and translates back to the good old pyruvate :). Haha I just love biomedicine <3>

You can definitely feel the autumn, it´s so cold out even if the sun decides to shine. One thing that I love is definitely the fact that I can wear knits now ! I just love the way they keep me warm and look good on. I just finished my breakfast- smashed and boiled carrots and a casserole made of mushrooms (their nutrient value is more like to the meat than to the vegetables), red onion and eggs with fresh orange juice and dark hot chocolate. :) This all should give me a boost for the day :). I really need it because I didn´t manage to get that much sleep last night. We went to Olli´s place first and headed to Henry´s pub from there to listen Stoccers and Satellite Stories. :) It was a great evening! :)

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