Sunday, September 16, 2012

I can smell the autumn and MarjaSpa

Autumn, I can feel it coming. I can see it and smell it. I love walking and running in the woods. It´s a great therapy session for my mind and seeing the nature... It reminds me of purity, innocence, beauty and life itself. We should live now, and not just sit home alone. It´s such a pity that when living in the city center you usually can´t find a beautiful place where you are surrounded by nature and little squirrels... :) If you combine it with sports or food... nothing could be any better :)!

Yesterday passed by promoting Herbina in Kuopio. It was really fun, my co-workers and customers were in a really good mood, so it was only a pleasure to work with them all. :) If you haven´t tried Herbina's products yet, try them! I´m in love with everything... :) I just finished my facial routines and tried Herbina's facial scrub, mask, day lotion and a lotions for body and feet... The scent is not artificial, it comes from real organic ingredients, and my skin looks and feels really smooth and moistened now. I bought myself a facial Rose water and a foot deo-spray too. Can´t wait to test them too :) I will go out now, the sun is shining and I´m really in need of a fresh air and that sun... :) Where have you been baby? Long time no seen... that´s such a pity. Why can´t you shine in Finland too? I´m begging you, please shine.

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