Thursday, September 27, 2012

For greater good - leather

I have wanted to write about many things important to me. I think that now is the good time for one of those posts. My theme this time is the leather. People are using it all the time in their jackets, sofas, shoes, bags, animal collars, carpets... One side is saying it is wrong and using the fake ones as a better choice. The other side - that´s where I belong. Want to know why? I have studied biology (cellurar, ecology, environmental protection, ...) at the Uni, read the articles and talked with many people about this particular topic. I am also a person who tends to make better choices because the nature and animals are really important things in my world. Using real leather has it´s minuses and pluses, but using fake leather has only the first ones.

Leather is usually just a side product of meat industry. So why should all those amounts of leather be ditched to garbage when it´s the most ecological of all the alternatives?
It does molder- fake leather that´s made of oil does not. So why should we boost pumping the oil and destroying the environment, diversity and habitats by using products such as fake leather and fur ?( And no I do not like using the real animal fur either- that´s just wrong). The money goes to the big oil companies- by using the local leather products you can avoid different emissions such as those from transporting, making new oil rigs, using the extra energy to transform that oil to the products we use and building/preparing the factories. Usually those rigs and factories are located in countries where there are no limits considering different emissions and the workers are too young.

It´s really important to understand that yes- the leather usually is tanned so that it lasts good longer. Yes leather products always last longer than the fake ones. That means you are buying less materia and your ecological footprint is smaller. Real leather is always reusable and when you don´t need it you can always be sure that it really does molder. Fake materials do not- they are just accumulating in our beautiful sees and forests, and yes they do emit chemicals to the environment. In worst case scenario the whales, dolphins and other sea animals that do need oxygen have no place to come up and get some air if they dive under the rigs made of plastic bottles and other non-degradable junk. In forests animals can also choke to the gifts we humans tend to give to our planet.

What if I just burn all the non-degradable junk? Yes you really should do that, remember to breathe that smoke as much as you possibly can! No do not do that... unless you want to get all the toxic gasses such as CO and PAH's in you. This is one thing I really do not understand- why do people burn the old car tires and all the other garbages? Stop doing that- you are poisoning yourself and your environment. This is how our world works- people do not know about better ways. Thats a good thing to those who own the businesses- it saves their money and the best thing is to build those factories to the countries where people know even less about the dangers and to the countries that are as far away from them as possible. Why? Because they give a shit only about their own money and their own health.

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Oh and one more thing- if you are not using the organic materials think about those chemicals that are absorbing through your skin. Yes that is possible. Even if your shirt is made of cotton, wash it- in this world even cotton is usually handled with pesticides while it has been growing. The darker the shirt is the more chemicals it contains- why? Because of the colours used to dyeing it. They are rarely organic ones. If you give a shit about yourselves and your health- at least wash everything before using it the first time.