Monday, October 1, 2012

Magic Mik(k)e(li)

 My shirt is from HM :)

The weekend has been great again. I had a privilege to spend it with my friends and family. Such a beautiful time. I wouldn´t change a minute of it. I´m just so grateful of them all. We had a such a nice family meeting among a breakfast at Stella. I think that we sat in there for about three hours. Those three hours were full of talking, laughing and enjoying the "bad for your health but so yummy in your mouth"- croissants and damn good lattes. I´m so keen to the different lattes... I think that I could buy a coffee machine for myself and start making the coffee "coctails"... :D 

After the family time I met my darling girl Sanni. We went to MyCofée to do a little chitchat before meeting with Elvira and Eveliina at Kinolinna. Yep... We went to the movies to see Magic Mike. I think that I was too concentrated on analyzing Channings' dance moves than to the idea of stripping itself... :D + the two bad looking guys (Matthew McConaugh was too greecy this time... :D and the Tarzan man was just... a creepy Tarzan...) were on that screen too often on my opinion. :D Movie itself was pretty good but I think it wasn´t really worth the ten euros. :D After the movie we went to Emma's place. We watched a movie called Never Let Me Go. It was good... and creepy. I´m still thinking of it... even if we went to the bar after it. We had a nice and a long talk with Sanni in there so that it was about 5am when I got to my bed. 

Yesterday we made a chocolate-raspberrybrownie-white chocolate cheesecake... :D It was good! I also met Arde and watched Pussikaljaelokuva and witnessed when he died... :) I think it´s my time to die next. I´m ready for a run ! So... why am I even sitting now? You should go on a run with me too! Hop hop off you go now! :)


ps... I still have to go back to Kuopio this evening... fun! (not!)

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