Friday, October 5, 2012

My normal week: partying during working days

Here's my last week through my phone. Sorry for the low quality pictures, I do have a good camera but I've lost the charger. So my camera phone will do till I find it.

On Wednesday I had NESU-sitsis, where business and economics -students from different cities gather together to have some good time. There is always some kind of a theme on these parties, and this year the theme was horror. I was kind of a boring and did not make an effort on making a unique costume. I only bought these fangs and put some more make up than usual. The funny thing about the fangs was that the more I drank the better they stayed on :D. I'm kind of a surprised I did not swallow them at any time, since they could not stay on if I laughed and I laughed almost the whole night.

Scared already?

The next day was kind of a hectic. I had to wake up after only few hours of sleep, go to super market, make myself something to eat, visit a post office, study for a test that I had today (on Friday), wash my hair and get my self ready for another event.

I made myself potatoes, some salad and chicken and the next day I used the rest of the chicken for some chicken salad. Yammyyy.

Yesterday we had Appro, where students all over Finland come to Jyväskylä to go through bars and collect stamps. You get a stamp for every drink you drink and every year you have to drink more than the last year. This year I had to drink 10 drinks in 5 hours. When my 5 hours were full I had to get my "degree" accepted by a "proctor." After that we continued to a club to have some more fun. These two days were little tough, but I survived thou I'm still little tired and I think I'm going to bed early today despite that it's Friday. It feels like Sunday already!

Converse shoes are the best ones to wear with our college jumpsuits

Have a happy weekend everyone!
- Evi

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