Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Good morning

I love mornings- especially the ones like this. You have the time for yourself, for a proper breakfast and for getting yourself ready. I spent yesterday by organizing my papers for physiology exam in the candle light. It really felt good. Even the studying is fun like this. :) Did I say one thing... I´m really addicted to that India- mix. Thank god it doesn´t contain any additives. They are pure poison to our bodies. The second food I´m addicted to is hot chocolate! I just have to drink at least one liter per day of it! :D At least Oboy has organic and the dark hot chocolate! The best one I´ve ever tasted was the one from Clipper... It really melted in my mouth... Damn I have to go and buy it again soon... I even dreamt about it... :D It´s much better to dream about hot chocolate than "tunas training rigs".... or "the magic baby- who lives in an old mans body and rapes babydolls..." Yep I know.

I have to go to the doc soon. I´m getting a tetanus again. After that to my swedish lessions! :) Bye!

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