Thursday, October 18, 2012

Belief is a beautiful armor

I can´t move. My workout yesterday was really intense, when I came back home it was really, I mean extremely hard to walk! My legs were shaking and it felt like they could just collapse any second. I looked probably like a spaghetti walking on the moon. :) Today I just can´t move at all... :) I still have to drag myself to the school to get rid of one exam (6km's here I come...). Thank God it starts this afternoon and I am able to eat a proper breakfast (apple, latte and full oatmeal) and study some more. :) I wish the sun shows itself soon again, I really need it to cheer me up. Even if I really do enjoy the rain at evenings, I hate to wake up hearing it and knowing that I have to walk to the school without a rubber boots... I really want Nokia's yellow Hai's! They look just too cute :)!

I love the melody and the part where the Na naananaanana... starts :)