Monday, October 8, 2012


Shhh the puppies are sleeping ! I know I´m keeping an eye on them all the time... :D See for yourself how cute they are! :D

One exam done and many more ahead! I have to visit a dentist tomorrow again, and after that I will go running again. I can not just spend my entire day without going out! I hope the sun will shine and bright by day up! :)

My workouts last week:
Mon: Running for 30minutes at high heart rate
Tue: 60min Les Mills Bodycombat, 45min Functional training, 45min stretchings, 6km walk
Wed: 7km walk
Tue: -
Fri: -
Sat: 30min run at high heart rate
Sun: -

Hmmm... I´m planning on getting a membership at Fressi again. It´s about a time to start going there again before my booty drags on the ground.... :) Good night guys! I have to go to bed soon :)!

- Herminica

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