Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A taste of a crispy autumn air

I was really thrilled about my swedish lessions today. I have really missed them after the high school. While I walked 3 kilometers to the school I listened to the Rihannas new song Diamonds and watched the colourful leaves on the ground, sparkling little rain drops and tired looking people. I think that I was the only one smiling. One hell of a good breakfast, good and slow songs and the cheery feeling... when they are combined my smile is quaranteed.

Swedish went good and after that it was time to have a three hours workout. Les Mills Bodycombat and Functional training and the last hour of stretching. Now I should eat well and start doing the essay for one course about cells and their molecular biology. Fun :) After that I should go and check what's wrong with my bike and buy me a new scarf... :) Evi had such a nice one that I´m in love with too... :) You little bastard... :)

- Herminica