Sunday, October 28, 2012

Happy Bajram happy birthday happy anniversary...

Getting ready for Sanni's birthday party and a Bajram meal

Shopping with Evi- I managed to buy myself new leather boots!

First snow in Mikkeli and a beautiful sunshine!

Many important occasions have chosen this weekend to be The One for them. We have been celebrating Bajram (the same thing as the Christmas is, but this is the fest that muslims celebrate twice a year), Sanni's birthday and even my parents were wed on this day for 23 years ago. So it's their anniversary too! I have eaten three different types of cakes, had too many glasses of  champagne and laughed a lot while having great dinners and granny and my cousins visiting us. I love those Bajram mornings when we all come home and wake up with a pile of presents under the blankets with us. That´s something our parents did for us even when we were little. 

I went shopping with Evi. We had a boot- mission. I saw leather boots and said to Evi that she should try them on. Well her calf wasn´t big enough... but mine was! So I had to buy them :) After that I went home to change and walked three km's with C to P. After that we had to head to Sanni and starts celebrating her and Väiski. :) We had such a great time together! Girls came there too and we ate cake, drank a candy-banana drink and laughed a lot. Girls were so beautiful and it was really nice to meet them all again. :) Sanni was beautiful b-day girl as always :)

Workouts this week:
Mon: Kettlebell workout for 60min + 6km's walk
Tue: Yoga for 45min
Wed: 6km's walk
Thu: 6km's walk
Fri: Les Mills Bodypump 45min
Sat: 3km walk
Sun: 30min run + 30min gym