Friday, October 5, 2012



TRRRRRR (Drums...)! Guess why I'm having that face...? Because instead of this pile under....

I have to read this pile before this monday... :) Very interesting things though I have to say, I love to read about fats, carbohydrates, proteins, hormones, steroids, cholesterol, nucleins etc... :) So much fun! Even better thing is that I already remember maybe the half of this... And trust me these things are not easy to remember... We have to remember every synthesis from the beginning to the end, the complementary paths of them etc. Luckily the hard work is always paid!

 I know that I just can't sit and study the whole day so I decided to go to a run later this evening. So there is something to cheer me up even if I get frustrated with my beloved pile of knowledge! :) I can think about perilipins (such a cute word!), lipolysis, lipoproteins and beta-oxidation step by step while running!

- Herminica

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