Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I think I bought just some new clothes, cooking stuff and make up... I just can´t resist web stores like Nelly.com :) I will take photos of them soon. I just have to wait the packages to arrive. :) I really can´t wait, I´m like an anxious little child that wants to eat the marshmallow before those 15 minutes are complete... (the classic marshmallow test in psychology) :D

 I had such a great weekend: lots of fun, A's birthday party, visiting the bar, watching a movie, sleeping in safe and meeting great guys. Wine was pouring and my feet were dancing, my lips were smiling and my hand was being held. :) Such a nice way to spend a weekend! A really nice break between all these exams and home evenings. I´m really sad we didn´t take any pictures..! Well at least the evening and the night were fun (...my sleepy time was at 6 am... :D)

 I came from my Swedish lecture and I´m about to head to the Yoga class now. :) So... Namaste! :-D


Last week's workouts (looks bad... I hope you did better):
Mon: 6km's walk
Tue: 6km's walk
Wed: 60min Les Mills Bodypump
Thu: 7km's walk
Fri: Sat: Sun: A pretty fat weekend ^^

ps. I really hate the fact that my Instragram is not working properly!

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