Monday, October 15, 2012


 Yo, say hello to me and my morning glory... *facepalm.
I was at the uni this morning. I did one exam (physiology) and walked about 3km:s. After that I went to the grocery store and managed to spent 46 euros on food... :D Just like me again. I´m about to go running again around that mini-lake for an hour. I think it should feel nice after a little break from it... :S I´m just super tired all the time and I´m really not ready to wake up at 8 am every morning this week. :( I´d rather sleep. But no, I have to study also this week. I´m having one exam this thursday again. I hope it´s not too hard! :)

Minna had left the building for one week. She is in Dubai now! I do envy her at the moment :D I would like to travel somewhere again... I just can´t imagine that only one and a half month ago I was abroad... :o time really passes by soon... I should like at least start planning on a trip to Helsinki... :D Like it even counts...

- Herminica

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