Friday, October 26, 2012

EUROTRIP 2012 - PART 2 - Zagreb... finally home!

Getting ready in the morning. 

At the end of the day E broke her glasses :(. Here we're trying to see if we could fix them in any way.

We had such a good "night"sleep in the train... and were really relieved when we realized that  YEE WE ARE IN CROATIA AGAIN AND WE CAN SPEAK CROATIAN AND BOSNIAN FROM NOW ON!  It was such a good feeling to arrive to the Glavni kolodvor of Zageb. After a cold and really rainy summer in Finland combined with the freezing night on a bench in Budapest the sun and +35 degs were welcomed. First thing we wanted to do is to find a place to eat. We headed to one cute pizzeria where H ate raznjichi "chicken and vegetables on the stick" sallad and ate the local limunada. E and the guys decided to eat Bosnian Cevapcici and drink coke and local beer (Ozujsko, Karlovacko,...). 

The breakfast was really a moment when we came  back to ourselves after all travelling... It gave us a much needed strength to carry on. :) We decided to show guys the city parks and the white trees. Our mom lived in Zagreb when she was young and she told us that the trees looked exactly the same back then. Youngsters were chilling there, playing with the dogs or footballs and old people were just sitting on the benches and smiling. We loved the atmosphere in Zagreb- it just feeled like home (it takes around 2 hours by car from one of our homes (In Kozarac- Prijedor) to Zagreb). We decided to do some shopping in there because we didn´t exactly have too much tube tops with us... And the amount of sweating... yes those tops were much needed under the sun of Balkans. Yep it rained like zero times! :)

We spent only one day in Zagreb and at the end of it we had to say goodbye to our travel buddies J ant T. They helped us with our bags by carrying them in to the train and then hurried up to catch their own. They were heading towards Split and we were going to see our family in Prijedor and Kozarac. After sleeping the last night in train, this time the journey took us only couple of hours to get to our destination where our parents and Bincci were already waiting for us.


  1. Mun pitäää kyl vielä joku kesä tulla mukaaan!! :)

  2. Noniin saat kyllä luvan tehdä! :D