Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Studying, running, training at the gym, sleeping, working, travelling, cooking, cleaning... :) Those have been my daily chores this week. Next two to three weeks will be pretty the same. I´m loving theese courses I´m having now. This one is a basic one- look at that penquing on one of the photos with the mitochondria on it... :) He says kvaak :) My muscles are not saying that- they are more like screaming. I had a rough three hours workout yesterday... I don´t know about you but I actually like this feeling when you can´t lift your arms or legs and it´s really hard to get up from bed... :D It means only one thing- I´m getting stronger! >:)
 I have an early morning at the kiosk tomorrow too... just as today. Waking up at 05.45 isn´t even that hard if I go to the bed early enough. At least I´m tired at 8pm already... but at least I´ll get my paycheck next month too :) That makes me really happy.

- Herminica

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